About us

D’FURNI Jsc Co. 08-08-2015

D’FURNI was established in 2005, known as one of the reputation furniture distributors in Vietnam.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the fields of furniture distribution with the intermidiate and advanced segmentation in Vietnam in 2020.

Our Mission

Shorten the distance; provide global furniture solutions for each building.

Core value

Supply competence for specific segmentations.


The meanings:

-“D” is Distributor. That is the function of Company.

-“FURNI” is Furniture. That is the Company’s business line.

-Red is strength, vigor, passion and warmed color which brings much luck.

-Gray is peaceful color.

The combination of “D” and “FURNI” makes a great name which is unique, steady, easy to read and recognize. Logo D’FURNI represents in a strong and liberal way to prove a high supplying  competence for specific segmentations.